Episode: Managing time and passion

How are you going to fit in your new goals? Jeff Sanders, host of the 5 AM Miracle, helps us get centered and motivated. You got this!

Maybe you’re not a big fan of making resolutions, but you likely hold some expectations about what you’ll achieve over the course of the next year. An obstacle in achieving those expectations and their related goals often evolves out of our use of time: do we have the actual time and the energy to accomplish something new?

In this episode, we quest to set a plan for achieving goals through managing our time and managing our passion. Productivity coach (and fellow podcaster) Jeff Sanders dropped in to share the practices that lead him to success in balancing his life priorities and hitting his goals.

Episode 2.1: Managing time and passion

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More about Jeff Sanders:

Jeff Sanders is a keynote speaker, productivity coach, author, and founder of The Rockin’ Productivity Academy. Jeff is also the host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast, which has ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts in the Self-Improvement and Business categories. His books The 5 AM Miracle and The Free-Time Formula are highly recommended reads for those looking to increase their productivity.

More from this episode:

Ryan also mentions Tim Ferriss and his book, The 4-Hour Workweek. This book may not lead into literally working four hours per week. But it has a lot of practical ideas for setting focus and maximizing personal productivity.

Cal Newport has been offering productivity hacks through articles, books, and his blog for years. He offered great advice on cultivating passion in this CNN article.

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