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We’re living our best lives, no matter what age we are. The Bad-Ass Dad Pod quests to level up in our relationships, in our finances, and in our fitness. Join host Ryan Dunn as he talks with experts in those fields and shares his own learnings from questing for the best. Ryan is currently questing to stop taking his most important relationships for granted, get out of debt, and to dunk a basketball (for the first time… at age 45).

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Masculinity and getting mentally and emotionally unstuck with Mike Lardi The Bad-Ass Dad Pod

Mike Lardi of the Bipolar Now podcast shares his story of beginning a journey into mental health and getting unstuck from harmful cycles. Most men encounter cycles of poor mental health. Yet a tiny fraction of men ever share their struggles or seek counseling. Why is that?  As Mike shares his story, we get a sense of the strength revealed by taking a step into vulnerability, and the renewed strength encountered by moving towards a sense of wholeness.
  1. Masculinity and getting mentally and emotionally unstuck with Mike Lardi
  2. 7 ways to deal with burnout
  3. Starting fresh and flipping your life with Shane Sams
  4. Slaying the credit card debt dragon in three steps
  5. How to take a bad-ass break and get more done

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About our host:

Ryan Dunn hit his mid-life years with a lot of questions. One that nagged at him concerned whether or not his best years were behind him. Ryan didn’t think so and he set out on a quest to get in the best overall shape of his life–not just physically, but in his relationships and finances as well. He’s been married to Gina since 2001. They have a teenage son, two dogs, and three cats–who, along with Ryan’s mother-in-law, all reside in a townhouse in Nashville, Tennessee. Ryan is an award-winning content creator and an ordained minister.