Take emotions out of eating for diet success

Boredom, anxiety and other emotions are big reasons our diets fail. Renee Jones helps us get on a good nutrition plan by being mindful about why we eat.

Are you ready to trim up your dad bod and shed the spare tire? Exercise will help. But weight loss mainly depends on what you’re eating. You can’t outrun your fork. And true dietary success depends on mindset. Let’s get ourselves into the right headspace and stop eating for the wrong reasons.

Episode 2.19: Take emotions out of eating for diet success

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Who is Renee Jones?

Renee Jones is on a mission to help others who struggle with their weight. These struggles often stem from looking towards food for stress relief and soothing behaviors. Renee helps us face our stuff so we no longer stuff our faces. She has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and operates an international private counseling practice.

Personally, Renee spent 40 years on her own yo-yo diet. She finally adopted the right mindset in 2012–and it’s stuck. She’s ready to share her success.

Published by RyanDunn

Ryan Dunn has a bunch of certificates on his desk. A few are awards for content production and marketing. Another marks his ordination as a minister. One says he’s earned a BA in English from the University of Iowa. The certificate next to that says he earned an MA in Christian Practice from Duke (with honors!). Ryan is most proud, though, of the things he’s created: The Compass Podcast, some deep content on RethinkChurch.org, a series of practical spiritual advice videos, a long-lasting marriage, and fantastic little boy. (He enjoyed A LOT of help on all of those projects, especially the last two.)

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