Why you’re not sleeping well and how to fix it

For years we’ve been losing a war on sleep. Actually, we’re the force making the war on sleep. That’s the assertion of our guest, Michael Voss, author of The War on Sleep: How it started. How we lost. How you can recover. If you’ve been waking up tired each day, if you’re feeling sluggish throughout the day, if you just can’t seem to “get right”, then it’s likely you’re experiencing poor sleep–and Mike can help you get right.

In this episode, Mike talks about what we’re doing to harm our sleep, the negative effects of a bad night’s sleep, and what he does to set himself up for a perfect night’s sleep.

Episode 2.11: Why you’re getting poor sleep and how to fix it

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Show notes:

Michael Voss’s book, The War on Sleep, is available wherever you buy books.

In the episode, Michael talked about an app he uses for controlling the light levels in his house. That app is f.lux.

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