Podcast episode: Becoming a nomad, with Tim Winders

Is it too late or too hard to make a lifestyle change? Tim Winders shares his experience of living on the road full-time.

Lots of people transition from living in sedentary homes to living life on the road. Tim and his family started making that transition back in 2013. Today Tim lives and works full-time in his 39-foot RV.

His key recommendation for making a lifestyle change is to beginning flexing the muscles you’ll need to make the change happen. For example, for transitioning to a life on the road: start exploring the area around which you now live. Spend some time unplugging and seeing what there is nearby you right now.

More great advice and Tim’s full story in this episode!

Episode 32: Becoming a nomad

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Check out Tim’s podcast, Seek. Go. Create.

Tim Winders is a minister, husband, father, coach, consultant, speaker, writer, investor, and creator. He helps organizations & people grow to reach their God-inspired potential through his coaching and consulting business, Seek. Go. Create.

Published by RyanDunn

Ryan Dunn has a bunch of certificates on his desk. A few are awards for content production and marketing. Another marks his ordination as a minister. One says he’s earned a BA in English from the University of Iowa. The certificate next to that says he earned an MA in Christian Practice from Duke (with honors!). Ryan is most proud, though, of the things he’s created: The Compass Podcast, some deep content on RethinkChurch.org, a series of practical spiritual advice videos, a long-lasting marriage, and fantastic little boy. (He enjoyed A LOT of help on all of those projects, especially the last two.)

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