Podcast episode: Influence and legacy with Matt Pendola

What’s the best way to influence healthy habits in our loved ones?

Trainer, coach, parent, podcaster: Matt Pendola. He joined the BAD Pod to provide some insight on building healthy habits and the most effective ways in sharing those healthy habits with those we love–without being a pushy jerk.

Take a listen!

Episode 27: Influence and legacy with Matt Pendola

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Show Notes:

Matt qualified and won a number of endurance challenges and races, including a first-place age-group finish at The North Face Endurance Challenge in November of 2019. He currently trains and consults online, and you get in on that action, too.

I came across Matt through his podcast, The Pendola Project. I love the Monday Motivation episodes, particularly #64 (Can you build muscle AND lose fat?) and #40 (the 80/20 rule). There are lots of great episodes (that I’m still working my way through).

Published by RyanDunn

Ryan Dunn has a bunch of certificates on his desk. A few are awards for content production and marketing. Another marks his ordination as a minister. One says he’s earned a BA in English from the University of Iowa. The certificate next to that says he earned an MA in Christian Practice from Duke (with honors!). Ryan is most proud, though, of the things he’s created: The Compass Podcast, some deep content on RethinkChurch.org, a series of practical spiritual advice videos, a long-lasting marriage, and fantastic little boy. (He enjoyed A LOT of help on all of those projects, especially the last two.)

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