Podcast: The Sex-pisode

What do you do when you and your partner have differing desires about sex? Sexual desire discrepancies and mixed expectations affect most couples. This episode does a deep dive into dealing with desire discrepancy and lifts up a number of tips for keeping things exciting.

Episode 21: SEX-pisode

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Show notes:

Sex therapists can very helpful. This directory can help find one near you.

We used a number of questions from this WebMD sex quiz (we also made up a few of our own).

Want to learn more about Sexual Desire Discrepancy? This article from Psychology Today has some re-assuring stats.

Dr. Gary Brown has some great material on a number of topics. His site is definitely worth a look. We particularly used this post that included a number of questions that helped guide our discussion through the episode.

In the end, it’s going to come down to compromise… so here are some tips towards meeting your lustful partner:


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