Podcast: Training Inspiration with the Over the Hill Dunker

The Over the Hill Dunker–5’11”, 48-year old Andy Nicholson, shares his journey to becoming a competitive dunker in his 40’s. He also told us a few of his training secrets.

Training Inspiration with the Over the Hill Dunker

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Andy Nicholson accomplished something pretty extraordinary: dunking a basketball when most people thought he might be a little too old to do so. His story is so inspiring, it was used as the basis for this mini-documentary:

While Andy is one of the people inspiring my journey to dunk as 43-year old. Andy, himself, was inspired by the under-dog story of Jacob Tucker, an undersized guy from a small school in Illinois who got a special opportunity to compete in the NCAA dunk contest in 2011… and won it.

However, Andy says this guy is the best dunker on the planet: Jordan Kilganon.

Andy disclosed that he spends a reallllly long time warming up. Several of his warm up exercises include dorsiflexion–which was term I wasn’t familiar with. Here it is simply described:

In addition to a good warm-up, Andy’s secret to success probably rests in the fact that he has a lot of fun doing what he’s doing. Take a listen to the interview… you’ll hear how much he enjoys getting down with dunking.

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