Podcast: Having Time for It All

“How am I going to have time for this?”

“I’ll never have time for that?”

“I can’t fit that in.”

It takes time to be bad ass. In this episode, Ryan laments that fact while exploring some ideas for time management, scheduling, and maintaining peace of mind.

Episode 07: Having Time for It All

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A few notes from this episode

I’m still tinkering with my own rhythmic schedule. Once that is a little better, then I’ll post a snapshot of it. I will offer that I simply use a scheduling template from Google Sheets.

Just a week in the life. Know what I’m saying?

I talked about a few videos in the episode. The following video is the most helpful. It is an illustration of Stephen Covey’s “Mayonnaise Jar” parable–which helps to teach prioritization:

On a less helpful note, I also mentioned the following video and animation series… because they’re good for sucking up a bit of time.

This is really just the first viral video I remember viewing. It really inspires questions about what inspires people to make something go viral…

And Homestarrunner.com was a flash animation site that killed it in the early 2000’s. It’s still killing it… just not on a regular schedule anymore.

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