Podcast: Get Frugal and Like It

On a quest to get out of debt, Ryan has gone frugal. In this episode, he details 7 principles he’s put into place to get frugal and be happy with it.

Episode 6: Get Frugal and Like It

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A few notes from this episode

I got on a high horse about a few things. It’s all in the interest of making the world a better place, though.

I didn’t mention it in the episode, because, well… because it’s kind of my secret fishing hole where I can catch some cool items. But, if you’re willing to read the show notes, there should be an added bonus for you. So here it is: I’ve scored some seriously sick clothing items and records through Goodwill auctions online. That’s where I got a pair of Doc Martens that someone compliments every time I wear them out. Now, you can score cool items too:


I also talked about ethically sourced clothes. If you’re curious about how ethical your fashion is, these sites are helpful:

I found a lot of credit card payment calculators, but I didn’t find any calculators that would help to determine interest payments. If you know of one, would you mind sending an email? Thanks!

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