Podcast: Setting Relationship Goals

Goal setting: if we’re going to get anywhere, we need to set some destinations. Goals can be those destinations.

So how do we set goals for family?

Episode 4: Setting Relationship Goals

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A few notes from this episode.

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary by asking “What’s Next?”

For us? What’s next is doing our best to follow through on these goals:

  1. Support each other in achieving our individual goals.
  2. Get the farm.
  3. Family road trip.
  4. Take Mrs. BADPod to Paris.
  5. Never leave anyone in doubt that they are important to us.

How did we settle on these goals? We used the following action steps:

  1. Start with celebrating what we got.
  2. Ask “what’s next?”
  3. Set up some realistic action steps.
  4. Assess how new family relationship goals align with personal goals. What needs adjustment?
  5. Take some kind of immediate action to seize momentum.
  6. Check in with each other.
  7. And celebrate again at each and every step!

Published by RyanDunn

Ryan Dunn has a bunch of certificates on his desk. A few are awards for content production and marketing. Another marks his ordination as a minister. One says he’s earned a BA in English from the University of Iowa. The certificate next to that says he earned an MA in Christian Practice from Duke (with honors!). Ryan is most proud, though, of the things he’s created: The Compass Podcast, some deep content on RethinkChurch.org, a series of practical spiritual advice videos, a long-lasting marriage, and fantastic little boy. (He enjoyed A LOT of help on all of those projects, especially the last two.)

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