Podcast: The First Step to Physical Badassery

A new physical quest is before Ryan: to achieve something he’s not sure is possible. What secrets of diet and training will unlock his success?

Episode 2: The First Step to Physical Badassery

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Do you have something physical you’d like to achieve? Perhaps run a marathon? Or bench press 250 pounds? … OR dunk a basketball?

I seek to discover if an on old dog can learn a new trick, so to speak, and accomplish something physically I never accomplished before. First, I need to prepare for training–and that means addressing his dad bod.

A few notes from this episode.

Before I start hard-core jump training, I’m going to lower my Body Mass Index. A healthy BMI is under 24. I am currently at 27(ish). The formula for calculating BMI is:

Imperial system: (weight in pounds / height squared) x 703

Metric: weight in kg / height squared

OR use this calculator

My son and I stopped by the gym to test out my jumping legs. From the looks of it, I’ve got a ways to go in order to get some hops. Check it out:

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