Podcast: 3 Reasons You Never Have Enough Money

How much money is enough?

The answer is always a little more. Right? Perhaps by addressing these three reasons, we can see that we do, actually, have enough money. Ryan is starting a quest to become a bad ass who has enough.

Episode 3: 3 Reasons You Never Have Enough Money

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A few notes from this episode.

Think you don’t have enough? Believe it or not, you may be amongst the richest 2 or 3%. Check out this calculator to see where you rank: Global Rich List.

In the episode, I talked through making an account of expenses. This spreadsheet is similar to the one I use. Feel free to make it your own.

When I looked at the amount of debt I had to deal with, I felt quite ashamed. I debated for quite a while about whether or not I should share the amount. But I opted to share it in the podcast for the sake of accountable… and because there’s a lot of relief in knowing that we’re not alone in facing down our debt.

In fact, there are some amazing communities centered around debt retirement. Check some of them out:

Hope this stuff helps! Remember: You. Are Not. Alone.

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