A Quest Begins

No matter what age you are, you’ve likely wondered if your best years are behind you.

You. Are not. Alone.

My name is Ryan Dunn, and, although I’m 43 years old, I refuse to accept that my best days are past.

So I am on a mission to become the most badass version of myself. I am undertaking a quest, actually, three quests in an attempt to become a badass financially, a badass physically, and a badass in my relationships–that last quest could probably use some refinement in terminology… but I trust you’re getting what I mean.

Consider this podcast my audio journal of life hacks and experiments where I submit myself as the human guinea pig. I think along the way we’re all going to learn a few things as I share my own observations and we talk to experts in the fields of finance, fitness, relationships aaaand some other stuff… all providing usable ideas on how we can be badass with our money, with our bodies, with our love, and in our lives.

This is the Bad Ass Dad Pod.

Listen to the Podcast on your favorite channel:

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The mission is already underway. Check back to see where I’m at and to start getting some life hacks kicking ass in your life journey, too. Oh, and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button on your podcast app. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

OK bye!

The Bad Ass Dad Pod Trailer

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